5 Ways To Dress For A Party Without Going Overboard With Glitter

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Party wear is always a tricky affair - you never know just how bright is too bright. Whether to go with simple t-shirts and skirts for women, whether to add some sparkling jewellery or whether to wear a glittering dress instead? You vainly call up your friends only to listen to their contradicting opinions which leave you even more confused! A better idea is to dress in glitter without going overboard with it. Here is how you can achieve this look:

Evening gown: Events like a banquet or New Year's celebration require formal attire. A shimmering evening gown fits the bill and makes for a stunning appearance. Better to avoid any other accessories, including jewellery, with it. Silver, gold, black, and white are the most popular colour choices.

Collared Shirt: Blouses, shirts, and polo t-shirts for women with a glittered collar is a wonderful substitute for a full glitter shirt. It highlights the particular part of the dress without going over the top. Match the shirt with statement earrings (non-glitter) and monochrome or earth tones trousers or shorts.

Bomber jacket: A glitter bomber jacket complements a solid, simple-cut dress just as well as a simple plain outfit. For laid-back parties, a black and white crop top paired with black shorts can form a solid base for glittering bomber jacket. No need for any necklace or earrings - silver stilettos and a thin bracelet would be fine.

T-shirt: A full glitter t-shirt is never recommended. On the other hand, simple t-shirts for women with glitter details are nothing short of brilliant. T-shirts with glitter typography are attractive, go well with everything from jeans to shorts and skirts, and make a long-lasting impression. The look gets even better with statement earrings, watches for women, and other accessories.

Sleeveless top: A glittering top leaves quite an impression at semi-formal office parties but only when worn with a little caution. Going overboard can make you seem out of place among your colleagues, so go for just a hint of it. Pair it up with skinny jeans and blazer and you are good to go. Add a watch and stylish earrings - just nothing too fancy.

There is just a little glittering line separating a fashionista from a fashion freak. Glitter is a wonderful way to create a lasting impression but going overboard can do so for all the wrong reasons. So do experiment (and don't shy away from it) but with a little caution and always ask others' opinions before finalizing an outfit. And when all else fails, hail these ideas!

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